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We are currently seeking experienced real estate professionals in several California markets. Below are just a few reasons to consider working at Modern Broker.   Contact us today for a private conversation about what we can offer you.

Our Mission
All experienced caring agents have at one time or another bent over backwards at great cost to themselves to do what is in their client’s best interest….yet when it comes to the choice of brokerage, too many agents continue to work for companies that are simply not structured with the agent’s best interest in mind.

At Modern Broker our mission is to provide experienced and caring agents with the flexibility and support to earn more and the compensation plan to keep more. Our efficient business model allows us to offer what we feel is the best pairing of compensation and support to our agents. By eliminating many of the expensive and rarely used bells and whistles touted by most of the large real estate chains we offer agents the core services needed without the bloated expenses that are passed on to agents.

Rather than focus on corporate advertising we’ve directed our marketing resources to help agents and clients where it matters most.  We’ve trained a number of photographers in high quality real estate photography, fully immersive 3D tours, and more to make these services available at below market costs  for the benefit of our clients and agents.

We also utilize an cutting edge marketing platform that makes all of the following available to all our agents on all our listings at no cost to the agents:

Agent Testimonials
A company website – like this one – is naturally aiming to cast the company in a positive light…so we would encourage you to test us out.  Contact a few of our agents and ask them about their experience at Modern Broker before making a decision.  We’ve also recently started a page with testimonials from some of our agents that you can read here:  Agent Testimonials

Areas We Are Growing:

Modern-Broker-Agent-Production-Chart2We are actively seeking experienced real estate professionals in Fresno, Tulare, and Kings Counties that share our commitment to integrity, service, transparency, and hard work.  With our progressive business model and no-nonsense approach to caring for our clients and agents we aim to bring refreshing change to the real estate markets we serve.

We expect Modern Broker real estate professionals to be the most critical and trusted figure in any real estate transaction.  This respect forms the backbone of our relationship with our agents.

Paperless files
Make the move to paperless files. At Modern Broker, once you’ve uploaded or emailed your documents into our system all of your important documents are securely backed up, encrypted and protected.  Each time a new documents are added management quickly reviews every document and is available to answer questions and offer support.  Additionally, you will have access to a robust mobile app to access all of your important transaction documents from any andriod or iOS smartphone or tablet. Share or email any document right from your phone and have the peace of mind that if your computer or phone are lost all your documents are safely backed up.

Quick Commission Payment:
With our paperless file system you never have to “turn in” a paper file. Instead, just notify your manager that your file is complete prior to closing and your manager will review your transaction to release payment. You can pick up your check directly from escrow or if you’d like to save yourself a trip to the bank Modern Broker will send your commission to you via direct deposit at no additional charge.

Office Space Available:
IMG_8083Modern Broker currently maintains over 6000 square feet of office space and has openings in each of the Fresno, Visalia, and Hanford and branch offices.  Private or shared offices are available to agents for a monthly fee. Private offices are priced with little to no mark-up on the actual costs of the space.  Our intent is to provide a productive work environment and to profit when you profit – when you close a sale….not through inflated desk fees. Contact us to find out the pricing and the specifics of what we have available today.

Flexibility to Work From Home:
Agents that choose to work from home can take advantage of our paperless approach to transaction files and keep the same great split. Our physical locations have a conference room, and a work room with copier/scanner and computer work stations. This allows agents without permanent offices to meet with clients, print, make copies, use the internet and take care of their business without the fixed cost of permanent office space.

Great Compensation:

  •  Great Split’s ranging from 75% to 95% based on your production history.
  • Annual Cap $10,000 for individuals, less per Associate for Teams: Very Attractive Individual and Team Annual Commission Caps.  Regardless of your split with Modern Broker you still “cap” when generating $10,000 of company dollar each year.  Not familiar with a commission “Cap”?  Click here for the general idea.  This generates a HUGE savings for productive agents at companies with much higher caps or those without a cap entirely.
  •  Risk Management Fee of $150 per Transaction.  Your E&O insurance, daily file review support, paperless transaction management and compliance platform, zipForms® templates,  are all included as a part of this fee.
  • Zero Required Monthly Fees

It doesn’t take an advanced degree in mathematics to understand our compensation model!  Many agents find this straight forward approach a breath of fresh air.  Often agents who have been on a “100% plan”, “flat fee plan”, at other brokerages still find that they would receive a very substantial raise under our compensation plan because of the attractive cap at Modern Broker.

We are currently seeking experienced real estate professionals in several California markets.  See our services areas page for more info.  Contact us today for a private conversation about what we can offer you.


Our training is the central to our sustainability plan and our growth plan.  If we can’t help our agents be better at what they do, and do more business then we don’t think we should be in the brokerage business!  Office meetings are held weekly and cover topics ranging from compliance, transnational tools, marketing, and business development.  We occassionally produce short topical training videos (most are not shared publicly) and some can be viewed here:  sample training discussions on various topics.

Management and Staff Support Team:

We are proud to have assembled what we think is one of the strongest staff teams in the Central Valley.  Kind, caring, honest, tech-savvy, hard working, smart, and experienced!  These are the kind of people you want behind you in the real estate business!

  • Preston Miller, President/CEO
    • A real estate broker since 2005 with previous technology focused experience in the medical, agricultural, and philanthropic industries.  He approaches the real estate business armed with a mathematics degree from UCLA, tech and marketing background, and actionable love for kind, honorable, and under represented people in his communities.
  • Chris Barbeau – COO
    • High level corporate operations experience and more than 12 years as a broker.  His service and experience include management positions at large real estate offices, Past president of the Tulare County Association of Realtors, and extensive involvement in the real estate community.  Thoughtful, supportive, detailed, and thorough.
  • Natalie Iaquinto – Director of Agent Development
    • Extensive marketing and training experience across new construction and resale real estate.  Highly involved with the training and educational efforts of the local association of Realtors.  Driven by an inextinguishable enthusiasm for her peers and clients she loves to help those around her have happier more productive lives.
  • Andre Rocha – Compliance
    • Background in accounting and more than 20 years in real estate management.  Andre offers a balance of joyful support and industry specific experience.
  • Veronica Hampton – REO Operations Manager
    • With thousands of transactions under her belt in roles ranging from Escrow, Transaction Coordination, Foreclosure Sales, and as a Real Estate Agent, Veronica has the ability to wear more hats than most in the industry.  Hard working humble and sincere…you’ll never catch Veronica bragging or showing off but you can bet she the experience that counts.
  • Rachel Bose – Transaction Coordinator
    • Brings more than 16 years of escrow experience to her role as Modern Broker’s Transaction Coordinator.  Her desire to help, relentless attention to detail and deep experience make her indispensable.
  • Teresa Fonseca – Bookkeeper
    • More than 20 years experience in bookkeeping and general record keeping.  If it needs to be double checked, fear not, Teresa will tipple check it for you!
  • Lisa Hampton – Assistant Bookkeeper
    • More than 10 years bookkeeping experience.  Kind, hard-working, honest and a great addition to any team.